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How We Work

Since 2011 we have embraced digitalisation and new types of technology to form part of our methodology to address the typical challenges of hiring from a diverse population of candidates with relevant and transferrable skills and experience in the Asia region.  We are continually investing in our staff and platform to offer more to our clients and candidates. 

We examine what trading and technology organizations are doing, changing and developing to stay relevant.


We collate data and link information to better analyse the connected marketplace.

Our objective is to understand the implications of hiring choice and trends to best advise our clients and candidates.

We endeavour to continually update our market knowledge and keep ourselves abreast of hiring sentiments.

At Blake Dair Consulting, we augment our research and market mapping with active networking and relationship building.

We’re proud to consistently advise, shape and improve our client and candidate networks.

We are in business to help execute targeted hiring plans and believe an organization moves forward with decisive incremental hiring of the right talent. We aim to assist this in always presenting a well researched and curated set of candidates for each role.

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Highlights of Services

Our team sources, screens and represents their sector specific candidates. This means, in addition to each member of the team sharing a deep understanding of the sectors we cover when we engage with clients, we also have in-depth knowledge of who we are talking about, what their expectations are, as well as what each candidate can deliver as an employee.


Through training, screening interviews, in depth client education meetings and cumulative experience we understand the actual roles candidates are required to perform. Because we understand our market and the specifics of each role in each company we can quickly identify the “must have” experience, the “nice to have” and also the “soft” characteristics. We do not simply post the client’s Job Descriptions and forward applicants.


We understand the markets. We know who the employers of choice are, where the best training grounds are and what are the best places to discover the hidden gems of talent. We know which employees are happy and stable and which candidates are looking to develop their careers either internally or by taking on a new role. Developing this knowledge and sharing our experience, helps us match the skills and working styles of each candidate with each employer.


To Blake Dair, it is as important to represent their clients as well as they represent their candidates. Our team researches and documents their client companies and reaches out to existing and ex-employees to properly learn about the environment. This research allows them to develop a truthful and compelling pitch to the candidate market for each and every one of their clients.


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