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  • Abdul Rahim

How to be More Likeable

Likability is very important but you don’t have to be good-looking, sociable or incredibly talented in order to be likable. Your degree of likability is under your control because it’s a matter of emotional intelligence.

Below are some behaviors to adopt to make you more likable: Accepting compliments It is common in Asian cultures to be humble, but when people give you compliments, you should accept them gracefully. Do not constantly reject compliments because it will irritate people and they will feel like you are humble-bragging. Don’t be too serious People like passionate people, but with that said, it’s easy for passionate people to come across as uninterested or too serious because they get absorbed into their work often. Likable people will balance their passion for work and their ability to have fun as well. They will be serious at work, but also friendly. They will get things done because they are socially effective and capitalize on social moments. They will also focus on having meaningful interactions with their coworkers, remembering what certain people say to show that they are just as important to them as their work is. Don’t take out your phone Nothing can be more irritating then watching the person that you’re having a conversation with, take out his phone to quickly look at it or reply a message. When you’re engaged in a conversation with someone, give it your full concentration and energy. People will like you more for it and feel that they are important to you. Don’t Constantly Drop Names It’s cool that you know interesting and important people, but dropping their names excessively in every conversation just makes you look pretentious. This is like humble-bragging and people will see right through it. Instead of looking interesting and well connected, people will view you as someone who is insecure and only concerned with having people like you. This will cheapen what you have to offer. Do Not Gossip Talking about others misfortunes or misdeeds excessively will make you appear like a terrible person who revels in making fun of others. If word gets to the people that you’re gossiping about, it will only hurt their feelings and make you look bad and really unlikable. Don’t Over Share on social media We live in the age where people like to post status updates on their social media platform. While occasional updates are okay, too many posts start to irritate people. People are not interested in knowing what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what time you went to the gym, what you did at work, etc. Keep updates short and sweet and paced out. Do not spam updates. If you adopt these common habits, you will find yourself to be more likable and less irritating to others. Also, stay honest, trustworthy and humble always. What are the other methods you employ to make yourself more likable? Share with us in the comments below.

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