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  • Irni Hadee

A Day in our Leading Recruitment Consultant’s Life

How many of us actually like our jobs? Not sure about that, but I absolutely LOVE my job! As a Team Lead Recruitment Consultant at Blake Dair Consulting, I specialise in the recruitment of permanent professionals for the retail industry.

Throughout the years, working to recruit for the retail market have tested my ability to adapt and be flexible with any situation that could occur. From receiving calls at the eleventh hour to any unforeseen mishaps, it has challenged me to think on my feet and to always have a backup plan.

With plenty of things on my to-do list, my day somewhat looks like this:


Rise n’ Shine. Up and ready for work. Check WhatsApp, SMS & urgent E-mails.


Arrive to work, attend to E-mails and client calls. Rehash on candidates off for their interviews.

10am – 12pm

Grab a strong cuppa coffee & breakfast. Attend team meetings. Set the agenda for the day/week.

12pm – 3pm

Finally time to eat! Squeeze in time for essential meetings with clients I’m working with and gather their feedbacks and their needs for recruitment. Run through a performance review meeting (either in person or phone conversation) with placed candidates to discuss their progress and how else they could be an asset to their company. Resolve any issues or concerns.

3pm – 5pm

Touch-base with previous candidates or source for new candidates for the current roles I am working on. Interview them over the phone or in person to understand them better. Arrange interviews for the suitable candidates with hiring companies. Prepare contracts and discuss about new roles in the hiring companies as part of business development.

5pm – 7pm

Organize and attend to meetings with new clients, sign contacts and get in touch with candidates who requested to speak after office hours.

7pm – Finally! Some time to breathe.

And this is how yet another fruitful day unfolds at Blake Dair.

No matter how hectic my schedule can get, I know deep down I am gifting a huge smile on my clients' and candidates' faces by assisting them in making the right career choice. Every day, I am satisfied with my team’s and my efforts in making a difference. So yes, here's how my day looks like and love the hustle.

Passionate about working in the Retail Industry? E-mail me at for an exploratory chat.

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