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  • Irni Hadee

Job Descriptions of Little Help

The hiring process is so broken. There are plenty candidates applying from all over the world. Job portals are a mess to navigate. Numerous competitors are hunting for the same talent. No one wants to miss out on a good hire so job descriptions are intentionally left broad and vague - in the hope of getting as many applications as possible.

How many times have you thought “My CV is perfect for this job.” And then you apply, and hear nothing back? Not even a courtesy rejection email.

Let me explain a few things, from the perspective of a headhunter.

1. The Job Description you read on a website is usually written by a HR staff who has a limited understanding of what the job REALLY requires.

2. The job description almost always never articulates what are the key requirements to get an interview.

(Now, please do not take this as an insult to HR. They work very hard and are trying their best. The process is just so difficult to navigate)

So how then do you get your CV through the process? There are a few steps to it:

Step 1: Get Past The CV Scanners The first round of vetting is usually done by softwares which scan through your CV looking for key phrases. Ensure your CV mentions the required key phrases.

Step 2: Articulate Strengths The Roles Requires Once past the CV scanner, you’ll need to show you “got” what’s required to succeed at this new job. This often means emphasising the 2 or 3 key skills which the hiring manager is really looking for.

This part is really hard. We take months training our team to get them to understand the right emphasis for each job type. You can’t do this until you really understand the “hidden” desires of the hiring manager. These hidden desires often tie in to the very same qualities which often translate to success.

For example, for a Digital Marketing Manager, we’re looking for creative minds who are very comfortable working with large amounts of numbers. Or even better, SQL. (Digital marketing relies on mountains of data today. It’s almost an engineer’s job)

For a modern Finance Portfolio Manager, the ideal candidate is someone who understands money markets and is able to code. (Most trading models today have some form of automation)

For a Sales person, the hiring manager is looking for a persistent self-starter who has a deep knowledge of the industry or product. (The best salesmen are true masters of their products and never give up)

Every role you apply to online has hidden skills the hiring manager is looking for. Before you apply to your next job, speak to various hiring managers or professionals in the role. Understand what the key drivers of success are. Play up those skills you have.

At first it’ll be a bit of trial and error. But once you “get it” - the interviews will flood in. More than you can handle.

PS: If you’re still struggling to “get it” – get in touch with our team of professionals. With our years of experience, we understand what hiring managers are looking for.

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